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Thomas Crown Affair 1999 Torrent (Final 2022)




The painting is owned by Thomas' father, a murdered history professor. Reuniting with the father, he plans to recover the family heirloom and, with that, the secret to the family's billionaire history. The movie was released on April 20, 2007 and made $4.1 million on its opening weekend, including a $1.7 million opening in the United States, which would have been the lowest opening for a Weinstein Company film. Plot The Movie The film starts with a man who has been robbed at gunpoint and forced to hand over $17.8 million. The robber is identified as Patrick Bristow. He is contacted by a man named Thomas Crown and offered $250,000 in exchange for the return of the stolen money. When Patrick arrives to pick up the money, he is shot by the police and dies. The next day, the manager of the robbery-victim's law firm comes to talk to Bristow's lawyer with the promise of an out-of-court settlement, the money being given to a charity in Bristow's name. The lawyer asks if the money would be the same money that was used in the robbery. The lawyer laughs, but leaves without replying. Later, while searching for the money, the lawyer discovers a painting he believes has been stolen from him, and calls Patrick's wife for the return of the painting. Thomas Crown is a wealthy billionaire who has been on the run for years. During his time on the run, he discovered that the money he was running from was stolen, and plans to use it to recover the painting he has been working on for years, "The Boathouse". He believes his mother and his father, two New York millionaires, who were killed in a plane crash over the English Channel at age 10, were murdered by a man called The Master. Thomas and his two accomplices kidnap a French priest and their driver, who are working on a boat in the same boathouse and who are planning to board a boat the next morning and sell their cargo of illicit paintings. The robbery of the law firm and the recovery of the painting are intertwined. Thomas realizes that his father, Jack, is an antiquities collector, and that his father's friend at the University of Paris, Monsignor Bernard, is part of the Order of Melchisedec, a secret order that is one of the seven orders mentioned in the Book of Revelation and which was the



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Thomas Crown Affair 1999 Torrent (Final 2022)

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